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Love Style Test: Unlock The Secret To Love That Lasts

Take this 5-minute love style test to discover your primary and secondary love styles. Get an in-depth analysis of your love style that covers 12 unique love factors and unlock the secret to love that lasts.

The BlossomUp’s Love Styles Test

Make use of this love styles test that will take you five minutes to find out more about how love is given and received. You will get a detailed examination of your love style which consists of twelve various ways of loving, and shows you what is important in your relationships.

Discover how to have lasting love by understanding yourself more intimately in terms of emotional needs and preferences. This all-inclusive questionnaire will help create stronger, happier connections with your partner making them the happiest relationship ever. Why don’t you change your romantic life with useful individualized advice?

Discover your love style

Discover your unique Love Style

Improve your relationship

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How Love Style Test Can Strengthen Your Relationships?

Self Discovery
A love style test will help you unravel the inner mysteries of your love life. It will lead you to self-discovery; helping you know yourself better and uncover practical ways to deepen your relationships.

Nurture Meaningful Bonds
Discover true meaning in your friendships, learn emotional intelligence, and build deeper connections. The BlossomUp’s Love style test will enhance your relationships with your partner, friends, family, or yourself by helping you discover the keys to building lasting, fulfilling relationships.

Build Deeper Connections
Learn to recognise and solve conflicts to strengthen relationships. Your love journey should be about self-discovery, personal growth, and creating deeper connections with the world. A love style test will deepen your understanding of yourself and others, fostering harmony and lasting bonds.

Think of a love style test as a personal fortune cookie. And while the questions may appear simple, they say more about you than you know. It even helps people in relationships.

Get a Personalized Love Report​

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Love Styles Test FAQ

The BlossomUp’s Love styles test is a 12-point unique love factor test that dives deep to reveal a personalised understanding of love. This unique model captures a wide range of the emotional, intellectual, and physical expressions of love to determine your primary and secondary love styles.

The test captures nuances, perspectives and the multifaceted ways you experience and express love, to deliver an in-depth profile of your relationship dynamics. Its primary goal is self-discovery, personal growth and building positive connections with the world.

5-minutes. The test is quick and easy.

We have had excellent results. The test captures personal nuances and perspectives to deliver an in-depth profile of your relationship dynamics.

Absolutely! We are all about creating deeper connections and this is one way we connect with the world.

The result is sent to your email once you’ve completed the test.

Yes, your data is safe. We comply with relevant data protection policies and guarantee a secure transmission of your data.

No. we do not engage in such practice.

The BlossomUp’s Love Style Test

Evaluates a 12-point love factor to help you unravel the mysteries behind your attractions, why you love the way you do and how you receive love.